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About Brad


Brad Ames-Thomson
Music Therapist

Hi, my name is Bradley, and I am a music therapist based in Surrey. I received my Master's degree in music therapy from the University of Roehampton and have extensive experience working with autistic children and children with PMLD. I believe all children can utilise music as means of self-expression - whether through songwriting, improvisation or listening. My mission at Clap & Toot is to foster a safe and supportive environment that empowers service users to explore their creativity and capacities for self-expression, and I am excited to be a part of the team!

3 things I love:
  • Celebrating neurodiversity
  • Scuba diving - when I get the chance! 
  • Traveling to new places 
3 things I'm working on:
  • Music production skills
  • Learning new drum rudiments
  • Not losing my guitar plectrums
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