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About Stef

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Stef Tepper
Music Therapist

Hello, my name is Stef and I’m a music therapist currently based in London. I  have over ten years of experience working in schools and other community based settings such as hospitals, day care centres and care homes, and completed my music therapy studies at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in July 2023. For me, music has a special and unique potential to empower and enrich the lives of people struggling with a variety of mental, physical and emotional difficulties. Working within a psychodynamic model and an understanding that each client has a life like no other, I am a firm believer in client centred work and the importance of the therapeutic relationship. I play the flute and piano and love to discover new music from all around the world!
3 things I love:
  • The moment you try a new recipe and it works!
  • 1940's swing dancing
  • Film music
3 things I'm working on:
  • Learning Makaton
  • Not trying to cramp too many things into my day
  • Hand making my first stained glass lamp
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