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Peopl just don't understand
woman playing guitar

Helping children on the emotional rollercoaster to...

Develop self-awareness

Express themselves creatively


'People just don't understand....

...when I tell them my son isn't able to control his behaviour when he's upset.'

When I meet parents for the first time, they often tell me their children scream for seemingly no reasons, shut the door behind their backs and unable to enjoy basic things in their lives because of the emotional rollercoaster. What's even more frustrating is, they can't tell you why they were upset, and often feel awful after acting out! 

So often this can make loving parents like yourself feel exhausted. This can be so heartbreaking! After all you have to look after your child's wellbeing and keep your own feelings at bay at the same time. You want to help, but where do you start?

Discover self-regulating strategies

So that parents can have harmony at home and a have great relationship with their kids.

It's a journey that can start today.

You are not alone! 1 out 5 children in the UK experiences mental health challenges that affects their ways of relating with loved ones at some point during their childhood. Acting out or being withdrawn is often children's way of telling us they need help.


While some children don't like to talk about their feelings, most of them find music a great outlet to express themselves. Music Therapy is perfect for children who are not ready to ‘talk it through’ but are in need of emotional support.

I believe a strong parent-child-therapist partnership is essential when supporting families with children who are going through a tough time. 

It's a journey

Meet your therapist - Crystal

Hello! My name is Crystal and I'm here to help.


As the Lead Music Therapist at Clap and Toot, I specialise in working with children and young people who require emotional and behavioural support. My goal is to support your child to develop an understanding of their emotional needs, to build resilience towards changes and to discover creative ways to express their emotions.

I love seeing progress in the children I work with and strive to share every little moment of pride with their parents. I still remember a client's mum telling me that she got her first hug from her daughter following our session after months of trying to get through. We'd love to be part of the solution of restoring peace within your family!

Meet your therapist
What or clients say

Young adult client

Crystal was a breath of fresh air! She didn't hurry me and was very thorough and detailed about our consultation. I couldn't believe how conscientious Crystal was with regard to my medical condition and with respect to what I wanted to achieve. She is a true expert!

Mother of child recovering from anxiety

With the help of Crystal, my child’s OCD / anxiety tendencies have really calmed down monumentally.  They are now so much better when it comes to anxiety and reasoning things out.  They seem a very different child to me now to the one a year ago. My child is now ready to tackle life, Crystal. Thank you!!

Laura & Tim* 
Parents of adopted child

Our child really enjoys music therapy. We've noticed they are much calmer after each session - it seems like a weight has lifted.  Crystal's approach has been very thoughtful, she took time to get to know us up front and has worked creatively to help support us. Crystal's work has made an enormous difference to our family, thank you!

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