About me

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Neurologic Music Therapist
EMDR therapist
CATT practitioner

Hello! My name is Crystal, a Music Therapist based in SW London. Over the years, I've worked with a wide range of clients. However, I've always found myself drawn to working with young families. Children's ability to reflect on their interpersonal relationships and process traumatic events never cease to amaze me. If you're interested to learn more about my clinical experience, see my LinkedIn profile!  
While I strongly believe in the importance of therapeutic boundaries, I also appreciate you want to know who you're working with. Here are some things I can proudly disclose about myself:
3 things I'm proud of:
  • I have a full sleeve of tattoo
  • My favourite plant milk is oat milk
  • I love my cat PJ
3 things I'm working on:
  • 'Bird of paradise' yoga pose (I can't get my leg straight!)
  • Completing the supervision training
  • Be a better vegan baker 

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