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About Charisa


Charisa Chen
Music Therapist

Hello! My name is Charisa, and I am a registered Music Therapist with a master’s degree in music therapy from Roehampton University, London. With nine years of international experience, I have worked with diverse individuals, including children and young people with PMLD and autism, as well as adults in psychiatry, in various roles such as a Music Therapist trainee, music teacher, piano accompanist, volunteer, nanny, and English tutor. I am dedicated to fostering emotional, psychological, cognitive, and physical well-being, healthy family and peer relationships, and developing one’s unique voice in today’s society through creative music. I’m excited about the opportunity to collaborate with families and caregivers to create a safe, non-judgmental, and learning environment for service users to thrive!
3 things I love:
  • My supportive family, partner, and friends at the ‘Land below the Wind’

  • Playing the piano at church

  • Singing Disney songs everywhere I go!

3 things I'm working on:
  • Reading a book each month

  • Cooking my favourite cultural dish

  • Convincing myself that London’s weather is not that bad!

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