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Hello therapists!

Get your private practice started

so you can start doing what you love

in 7 easy steps.

Inside the checklist, you will...

Uncover the exact steps you need to start your private practice 

Discover commonly made mistakes to avoid for new starters 

Have the tools you need to stay organised in the following areas

Professional registration

Mandatory training

Composing T&Cs


Getting referrals




It took me years and (many) trials and errors to work out how to run a sustainable private practice. I'm so glad I didn't give up because it's been one of the most fulfilling experience I've had. 

I'm sharing this checklist with you so you don't need to take forever to learn how to get started and stay organised. I sincerely hope this checklist helps you to start your private practice because the world can use more music therapists! 


downlod peace of mind
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