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New Year Glitter

Kick start your practice with a vision of...

Growing as a practitioner 
Achieving financial stability
Making your practice work for your personal goals
(not the other way around!)


Have you ever felt stagnant in your work? Ever felt like you want to develop your practice, but don't know where to start? Ever felt like running out of steam session after session? 

It's time we look after ourselves! In our workshop, we will pin down your financial, business and professional goals for 2023-2024. So you can put strategies in place and free up more time for your personal goals, be it learning a new hobby or spending more time with your family.  

In this two-hour workshop, we will...

Explore financial sustainability 

How much do you want make? How would you get there?

Set professional goals 

Want to start specialising in a client group? What steps would you take?

Talk about business growth

Want to start specialising in a client group? What steps would you take?

Create a practice that align with your ethical values

How will you contribute to the community through your practice

Create an action plan for the first quarter

You're on the way of achieving the goals you set!


Goal-setting worksheet 

so you can review your progress in 3 months

First view of updated freelance checklist

includes tips on branding & how to set prices

50% off your first supervision with me

Sign up to the workshop

Our next workshop is scheduled on Saturday 2nd September 2023 at 10am-noon.

Sign up here to receive Zoom link! 

Thank you for signing up. The Zoom link and handout shall be with you shortly.

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