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Online Guitar Class

Need of a confidence boost to see clients online?

Get access to 15+ web-based interactive resources, 8 tablet-based apps, emoji sheets and more, all handpicked by music therapists and approved by tech-savvy clients. 

Feel inspired and excited to start each session again!

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Janina Brady

Founder of Connect Music Therapy

This resource pack is invaluable to my practice, offering not only resources to make our online sessions run more smoothly, but also resources to spark new and creative activities for sessions. Looking forward to getting stuck in to more of these resources over the coming months!


Michaela de Cruz

Founder of MdC Music Therapy

Crystal has essentially done all our homework for us. It’s been such a lifesaver to draw on her experience. Her techniques are innovative and relevant and she has ideas right at her fingertips for all sorts of different clinical situations online, which she imparts in a very clear and comprehensive way. 

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